I'm having trouble using my cloudBit. What should I do?


Having trouble with your cloudBit? Let's narrow that down, and see the appropriate solution below:

  1. Setup trouble: I'm not seeing the expected behavior described in setup.
  2. cloudBit won't connect: I went through setup, everything looked good but it's just not connecting: my cloudBit's status light is not going solid green.



1. Setup trouble

  • Is your cloudBit connected to the p3 USB power module and wall adapter?  
  • Are your bitSnaps wiped clean (Try wiping the connectors with a clean, soft cloth -- an old t-shirt right out of the laundry is perfect.) 
  • Can you see any physical damage to your cloudBit?
  • Still having issues? Please write down the details and submit a ticket to our support team

2. cloudBit won't connect

If having further trouble please submit a ticket to our support team.  It is very helpful to include any additional information about what status light you're seeing and at what point you're encountering issues.

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