Getting started with the cloudBit


To get started with the cloudBit, you need to do a few things:

  1. Set up your cloudBit so that it can connect to your local wifi network — you know, connect it to the internet. You do this by going to Cloud Control and following the instructions there. You will only have to do this setup process once; the cloudBit will remember and connect to this network automatically.
  2. Control your cloudBit directly in the Cloud Control dashboard.
    • You can send to the cloudBit by pressing the purple button. The cloudBit's output will activate.
    • You can receive from the cloudBit's input.
  3. Control the internet using the littleBits channel on IFTTT. You can connect to websites like Facebook, Instagram, email, weather, other hardware products, and lots more.

For ideas on what you can make with your cloudBit, take a stroll over to our Projects page. You can also check out some Tips & Tricks to learn all kinds of things about the cloudBit!

You can also always brainstorm with other members of our community on the forum.

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